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Marine Oil Spill Pollution Prevention and Response Part 2

This course educates students on identifying different types of oil spills, and the measures that can be taken to prevent and minimize damage.

Course Syllabus

More about Marine Oil Spills

General Aims

The following course should enable you to:

  • Distinguish between standard types of containment booms and describe their main characteristics
  • Gain the ability to choose the appropriate boom according to the specific environment 
  • Become familiar with the procedure for boom deployment, recovery and composition
  • Understand how to contain oil in open waters and deflect it within rivers or shoreline areas
  • Know the appropriate steps needed to be taken to minimize damage in the case of an oil spill
  • Learn about the most common types of oil skimmers, their properties, and the factors that determine their efficiency

Target Audience

This course is aimed at all those who would like to learn more about oil spills, and gain an overview on the main sources of oil released into the marine environment, their relative importance, and their principle causes.

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